Calling all eReaders!

Do you have an eReader lying around that isn't being used?  

Has someone in your house upgraded to a new Kindle, Nook, Nexus, iPad or iPhone?

Donate your gently-used eReader, tablet, or smart phone to The Children's Book Bank to help us surround kids with the books they need to read and succeed! 

All proceeds will help get more books to more kids in need.  

Donation Steps:

  • Check to make sure the device is in working order. 
  • Gather up related power cords, chargers, cases, etc.
  • Deregister the device from personal accounts and restore the device to factory settings.  
  •  See Mighty Good Things for instructions on mailing your device(s). The Children's Book Bank has partnered with Mighty Good Things to help us turn your donated items into funding for The Children's Book Bank.