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meet jasper

Jasper started life with a speech delay.  He had trouble talking and made up his own words that only his parents could understand, like calling windows “nunos.”  As he got older his early struggles with language turned into challenges with reading.  He excelled at math and science, but avoided books and reading and relied heavily on his parents to help with school work, nevertheless falling further and further behind his classmates.

That all began to change when Jasper got to choose a collection of books from The Children’s Book Bank to take home and keep.  

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Meet Jasper continued...

One of the books was Daniel’s Story, a book about a young boy in the Holocaust.  Jasper read it.  Then he read it again.  And again.  And again.  Four times total, front to back.  

Jasper says that after he read Daniel’s Story he “wanted to read more stories like that.  It inspired me to like reading a lot more.”  

When Jasper returned to school the next fall, he was fascinated to learn that the school library had a whole section of books similar to Daniel’s Story—the one he now kept in his backpack to read on occasion.  He checked out a new book.  A few weeks later, he checked out another book—and another, and another—reading more than 12 books throughout the school year, as each piqued his curiosity about the world.  Now Jasper loves to read and is excelling in school.

Jasper’s mother describes how with this book from The Children’s Book Bank, Jasper “discovered that words are more than just a series of letters.  They tell a story.  And that story can be real.”  

Sparked by Daniel’s Story, Jasper became a reader, not just someone who can read, but someone who seeks out books to answer questions, to learn about the world, and to imagine other possibilities.  

Someone who is inspired.

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