Volunteers are the heart and soul of this community effort to solve the book gap.  The Children’s Book Bank welcomes many types of volunteers—from individuals and groups who have two hours to give to those who can help a few hours each week or month to those who have professional skills to contribute or want projects of their own.  Every helping hand allows us to serve more children.  

How Volunteers Help

Cleaning Books

Our book cleaning volunteer sessions offer a great opportunity to reminisce about favorite books and bond with other volunteers.  Groups of up to 30 volunteers help prepare donated books for kids by cleaning covers, erasing scribbles and taping torn pages.   These sessions are also family-friendly for children 6 and up.  Volunteers make a big impact on kids in need and have fun with their team!   

A typical volunteer session includes:

  • Welcome

  • Introductions

  • The Children’s Book Bank overview

  • Book cleaning instructions

  • Work session

  • Wrap up / clean up

  • Reflection

Visit Hands On Greater Portland to sign up for one of our regularly scheduled sessions or click here to organize your own group.

sorting and bundling

Our donated books are carefully sorted by trained volunteers to make sure that each book bag contains a wide variety of books. Every book bag given to a child has been assembled by a volunteer trained to create a special collection of books from our inventory. If you are over 15, available Monday-Thursday during the day, have attended at least three book sprucing sessions and would like to get more involved please e-mail jean@childrensbookbank.org to learn more.

bringing books to kids

Classroom by classroom, we deliver an average of 75 bundles of books to kids throughout Portland each week, usually on Monday mornings.  If you would like to be added to our drive list, please click here to register or e-mail jean@childrensbookbank.org


“It’s hard to describe how much fun I had fixing and cleaning all of these books. The time went by so fast because I was thinking about the kid who would receive the book that I was cleaning and how he would enjoy the gift!”
“I enjoyed imagining how many kids might be reached with this day of service, discovering a world of book they might not have otherwise. So simple, yet so profound…”


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