Preschool Ages 3-5

Every year thousands of children show up for the first day of kindergarten with bright eyes and enthusiastic smiles.  But many of them also show up with something else: an achievement gap. 

By the time children from low-income families enter kindergarten, they are 12-14 months behind in pre-reading skills.*

The average 5 year old from a middle-income home recognizes 22 letters of the alphabet while an average 5 year old from a low-income home recognizes only 9.

A child from a low-income family enters kindergarten with a listening vocabulary of 3000 words, compared to 20,000 for their middle income peers.

Through our Building Home Libraries program The Children’s Book Bank delivers individual bags of read-aloud picture books to hundreds of children enrolled in local preschool programs to help them develop pre-reading skills such as recognizing the look and sounds of letters; reading from top to bottom and left to right; and understanding how letters make words, words make sentences, and sentences make stories.