A Story Like Mine


The Children's Book Bank believes it is important for all children to see themselves and their limitless possibilities reflected in the stories they read. Culturally diverse books can increase a child’s interest in reading and help them find a sustained connection to books.

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Over 60% of the preschoolers

The Children’s Book Bank serve

come from communities of color.  

Yet, less than 3% of the books donated each year feature diverse characters.

In 2015, The Children’s Book Bank launched A Story Like Mine to bridge the gap between the need for culturally diverse books and the book donations we receive. To date, we have given over 20,000 culturally diverse books to more than 5,000 families.  One of those was Marisol’s family. 

After Marisol received books from The Children's Book Bank—in English and Spanish—her mother shared with us what these books meant to her family.  “My parents didn’t read to us when we were children. We didn’t have any books at home. Really, none of the parents in our village read with their children. Now that we have these beautiful books, I read with my daughter every night at bedtime, and she has fallen in love with books! Her favorite is ¡Nos vamos a Mexico! She has memorized the story, and we talk about the pictures together. Now Marisol knows about the village where her own grandmother lives and where I grew up. She likes to pretend she is in the story, too, and tells me, ‘Mommy, this is me’ when she sees a little girl that looks like her.”

In 2018, we expanded our Story Like Mine initiative to include diverse, racially and culturally inclusive books for every child we serve. 

You Can Help!

With your help, The Children’s Book Bank can provide children like Marisol with books that are meaningful and relevant to their lives.

Make a gift today to support A Story Like Mine. Or purchase culturally diverse books to donate to The Children’s Book Bank. Check out our Birthday Wish List or choose books from a list of our favorites.